Kim Parker

The Coach For Lawyers With Soul

Who Have Lost Their Spark


(… and who are yearning to find it again)

Are you a lawyer who is longing for your experience of work and/or life to be different from how it is now?

Either ~ you have a sense that this is ∼ or you WANT it to be ∼ YOUR time. But there’s a mismatch between your inner desires and your outer reality. It feels hard!

Or ~ you’ve lost your sense of meaning or connection with your purpose. Something is badly ‘off’. You find yourself feeling miserable more often than you’d like to admit. Your values are compromised. The toll it’s taking on you is beginning to become unbearable.

I ‘get’ you!

I’m  so  glad  you’re  here   ♥   YOU  ARE  MOST  WELCOME!

Which one of these do you most identify with….. ?


You know who you are, what you want and why you are here. You’re doing all the things yet somehow it’s not happening in the way you’d like it to. Something seems to be holding you back. You might even have an inkling what that is, yet still it’s not working out as you want. You know that it’s your time to emerge from your cocoon! You want to be free!

You wish it could be easier to be living and working in a state of flow, while you consciously create a life you love. Yet other people or circumstances seem to be conspiring against you.

You’d value having a coach to reveal your blind spots, connect you with your magnificent self and keep you on the right track.


Life/work is a challenge and you’re feeling the strain. You’re feeling trapped or at a scary threshold. Your values are threatened or compromised. You’re in ‘coping’ mode. You know you can’t go on as you are for much longer. It’s exhausting! You want to be free to thrive again!

You might worry that you have no option but to quit. But you’re torn. There’s a lot at stake. Although your current situation isn’t sustainable, it’s all you’ve got.  You have no idea what you’ll do, whether you could survive, or how it’ll be on the other side. What if it’s a huge mistake?

You’d appreciate the support of a skilled, empathetic coach, to help you make sense of it all and choose your rewarding future path, by discovering the choices that are true for YOU, and then following through, whether that’s to stay or go.

♥  Please know you are not alone  ♥

Here’s the thing.

One thing that the chrysalis and the prisoner have in common is a burgeoning compulsion to be free.  Free to be themselves, without restraint.

Whether you self-identify as a ‘chrysalis’ or a ‘prisoner’, the most effective and sustainable way to move beyond that (in a lasting way) towards true freedom is to undertake a deepening process of enquiry, liberation and regeneration.

In this short video I reveal the fundamental issue that is at the heart of my work, which I believe is at the root of your struggles, whether you’re a self-identifying ‘chrysalis’ or ‘prisoner’.

Perhaps you resonate with one or other of the scenarios shown. Do they describe you?

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A life without purpose

If you’re not living your life on purpose right now, you have a life only half lived.

That can really hurt!

Worse still, you might numb out completely.

Do you feel that something is missing? Or you’re stuck?


It's All in You

When you choose a life of meaning, embody your heart’s true purpose, and connect to your innate wisdom, you really CAN have it all!

That’s the place where real fulfilment lies.

Would you like that?


time running out

You could wait, ‘hoping’ things will get better…..  but they rarely do on their own. In my own experience and working with hundreds of clients, they tend to get worse.

The problem can grow like a snowball. And then it impacts other areas of your life too. Your health, relationships, family, career, finances.

You might feel confused and lose confidence…..

searching in the woods

After all, you’re an intelligent and conscientious professional, how could this be happening to you?

Has it got to the point where you even begin to think there’s something wrong with you?

Deep down, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re unhappy. You’re just surviving.

But, you deserve to thrive!

I’m Kim Parker.  After being a lawyer for over 20 years, and a professional coach since 2009, I’m dedicated to helping you create a nourishing and fulfilling experience of life, without sacrifice or compromise.

(find out more about me here)

leaning on gate

I combine my professional experience with radical self awareness and a powerful soulful approach to help you consciously create the life you long for.


I profoundly re-connect lawyers with:

          ♥   your deepest desires

          ♥   your true purpose

          ♥   and your innate wisdom

…………thereby inspiring your success naturally, with ease

Does that sound like something you’d love?

YOU are most likely to resonate with me and the work I do if you are what I call a “professional with soul”.

What do I mean by this?

♥   You are an intelligent, hard working, conscientious lawyer who is not just ‘doing your job’

♥   You have a profound desire to make the most of your remaining time on the earth

♥   You put a piece of your heart and soul into your work (or you wish you could)

♥   You recognise that we are more than our body (and our brain), that we all have a ‘spiritual’ aspect

♥   You care deeply about people and the planet

♥   You want, in some way, to make your own contribution in the world. To make a difference (however big or small)

♥   You are motivated by more than merely money, fame, kudos or the material trappings of success

♥   You recognise that all the riches in the world can flow naturally when you are connected with your true purpose

If there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s this:


YOU hold the key to your experience of life.


It’s ALL in you!

Perhaps you’ve tried several ways of making things better.  But nothing has so far yielded lasting, meaningful results. Perhaps your focus is on coping and getting through each day. So, you might be asking me “how can it all be in me, if I’ve not got it now?”

I’m going to let you into a secret. It sounds obvious, but as humans we don’t see what we don’t see. The real underlying problem is this…

At some level,

you’re ignoring the call of your heart’s true purpose,

your deepest desires,

or your natural innate gifts and talents.


Here’s what I mean by that…

Many of us make our way through life almost by accident, reacting to what comes up rather than proactively claiming our heart’s true longing. The tendency is to automatically and unconsciously react to situations by default. Or to ‘settle’ because you don’t believe what you deeply desire is even possible. These approaches are unlikely to yield the outcomes you really want. The ultimate result is usually dissatisfaction or a ‘numbing out’.

It’s not uncommon for me to find that some of my clients aren’t even clear on what they really desire when they first come to me.

What eludes many is a purposeful connection to the innate driving force of their heart, which can effortlessly inform and guide them. When you have that connection, you’re able to respond to what occurs and still remain focused on your true desired outcomes. And the likelihood of intentionally creating a life and career that you love becomes so much stronger.

Some great questions to ask yourself are these:

“What’s in my heart and soul?”

“What’s stopping me?”  and

“What are my heart-inspired actions to take that will move me closer to that?”

To connect (and stay connected) with the truth of your heart, THIS is where your most powerful answers lie. Always.

It sounds straightforward doesn’t it? In reality, it is simple. But it’s rarely easy, because of the years of conditioning we’ve become programmed with.

This is what I help professionals with, so that YOU can consciously create the life you’ve been yearning for. I can’t do it for you, but I can be your confidante, ally and guide.

I’m inviting you to take the first step to transform your experience of life.

Download your free “Connect With Your Purpose” guidance:

If you’re already clear on your purpose, that’s fantastic!

Let me ask you this…

How are you getting on with translating your vision into reality?

Are you ‘in flow’…. or are you stuck?

Perhaps you seem to take one step forward and two steps back.

Do you find yourself conflicted (with others or even yourself)?

To make sense of it all, are you willing to truly ‘know yourself’?

That’s how you’ll find the key…

lock and key

I have discovered that ‘knowing’ intellectually is one thing, but…

’embodying’ what you know is the piece that makes the difference. Although simple, it is not always easy to do.

It’s about being true to your natural abilities, gifts and talents

and understanding how to navigate obstacles and challenges

(trust me, things can crop up no matter how enlightened you are – if you’re human, it’s normal!)

Are you fed up of ‘settling’ and you’re now longing for ‘more’?  Yearning to be the fullest and most alive expression of the real YOU in the world?

padlock on chain link fence at sunset

If life’s not quite happening the way you’d like it to right now, you’re in the right place.

If I were to ask you “What do you want?” what would you say? I’m inviting you to declare what you want.

I often find that people find it easy to passionately describe what they don’t want, or what they want to get away from. Not many have actually really considered what they truly want.

So… I invite you to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask yourself again. What would your heart REALLY love? What is your purpose in life and your reason for being here?

Not sure? Afraid to go there? Do you dismiss it because you don’t believe it’s possible or ‘realistic’?

Believe it or not, there’s a part of your psyche that is keeping you from being fully you.  It’s invisible, some would even say sneaky!  The tricky bit is that we all have blind spots that are very difficult to see for ourselves.

With skilled support you can reveal what’s going on in your unconscious, and make the change you seek.

I can help with that. Would you like to try my free download to help you connect with your purpose? The link is right here:

I work both one-to-one and in groups.

If you’re ready for support in bringing your true vision to life you can find out more about the ways I can assist here

I might just be the one to help you along the way.

Curious to find out more about how I can help? Send me a message here:

Message me - ask me any questions here

I was feeling quite stressed and insecure at work and aware of the need to perform better but unclear how to go about raising my game. The firm was making redundancies and I was often receiving criticism on file audit and review.

After receiving coaching from Kim I am working more productively and obtaining consistently good feedback on file audit and review.  I have escaped from a vicious circle of burning the candle at both ends in order to comply with time limits, working sluggishly due to exhaustion, having to work even longer hours, and so on.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Kim to others, especially those who have difficult work issues to address.  I was most impressed by her commitment to helping me achieve my objectives, not seeking to impose on me her own ideas of what I might try to achieve


~ Richard H  (a senior solicitor with over 20 years’ experience) ~

I was feeling utterly frustrated with my current work situation because of issues relating to my working environment and my boss! As a result of this I wanted to leave but I felt sick at the thought of even applying for similar jobs outside of the organisation, because I felt sick of my industry!

As Kim worked with me I found that I do not actually hate my current profession after all and I am grateful for the further opportunities it has given me. Very soon afterwards, I was offered an exciting opportunity!

Coaching with Kim is invaluable, it really helped me to break through and open myself up more. I would recommend Kim to other professionals who are fed up at work. Kim is inspirational, motivational, amazing! 

 ~ Zahra Shah  (Communications professional, London) ~ 


I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of intuition, and the essence of us being able to use it to guide and show us our next steps. Spending time with Kim on a 1 on 1 intuitive coaching session was like nothing else I’d done before. She immediately put me at ease and gently guided me through the process of meeting myself in a wonderful new way.

It was truly remarkable to rediscover such deep truths about myself and allow a fresh perspective to emerge. I have a newfound clarity and understanding of where I am, where I want to go and how I’m going to get there. Long after our session was over, I can still feel the rippling effects and sense a profound awakening.

Thank you Kim…. you are amazing…. it was wonderful, especially when we both came up with the exact intuitive expressions. And I certainly recommend your services to anyone who needs direction and clarity, and wants to feel refreshed and energised. I loved our time together so much!!

~ Leigh Shenton  (artist and creative founder) ~

I was feeling frustrated, anxious and tense in the process of making a career change, which was a big thing for me. I met Kim after making a few unsuccessful applications. My morale was at a low ebb and I felt tied up in knots.

The more Kim and I worked together the more I realised that the knots I had tied had started to unwind effortlessly. I liked Kim’s calm gentle manner. I had the space to be open without judgement in a safe and productive environment.

I have gained clarity and a new perspective from receiving coaching with Kim. My experience of coaching with Kim has been invaluable. I have already recommended Kim to others. Priceless.


~ Ms S Jones  (lawyer, London) ~

Working with Kim is worth every penny plus more. I was frustrated because my work as a solicitor was, for me, unfulfilling, lacking stimulation and not purposeful and this was starting to affect all parts of my life.

I have now changed my role, which has led to an increase in my salary. And I have moved from a place of uncertainty to having made significant decisions about my future career.

I would highly recommend Kim not just to lawyers, but to any professional who feels what I describe as an ‘emptiness’ which is causing a level of unhappiness.


~ Sanjeev Punj  (Solicitor/Director, Birmingham) ~

I was at a low ebb career wise – feeling pulled back in the direction of my 20 year legal career simply for no other reason than ‘that is what I did and had been trained to do’, and because it paid well of course.

Kim has been instrumental in helping me gain greater clarity around my options.  I have made a significant breakthrough and now run a thriving and expanding business which utilises both my legal skills and a whole lot more.  It brings everything I love together in a job!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone who is at a career crossroads or to anyone wanting to explore their potential and life values.


~ Caroline  (Solicitor, Switzerland) ~

For the last 4 years I have been feeling daily as if I am ‘going against the tide’ because I wasn’t enjoying work. I really look forward to our sessions as it gives me a platform to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs that I have been experiencing while starting out on my new direction.

As Kim worked with me, I feel a support system behind me, and I am more confident and secure about ‘this moment’. I have even got a job offer but I realised it was not right for me and I had the confidence to happily turn it down even in this economic climate.

Coaching with Kim is well worth the money and I would certainly recommend Kim to others who are going through a career transition!


~ Kayla Conley  (former Finance officer, Chelmsford, Essex) ~

I was feeling in a state of some turmoil, because I had too many ideas whirring round in my head. As a result, I was lacking cohesiveness and I was looking to pull it all together and make sense of everything.

Kim helped me put things into perspective and focus on what I needed to do. As Kim worked with me, I gained greater clarity in my own mind as to both my thoughts and my objectives for my present and future direction. The coaching itself was a launching pad for further work done by me in between sessions.

It has been very useful to have taken time out and given attention to the things we discussed, as I would probably otherwise have kept those things on a back burner and nothing would have changed.


~ Andrew  (Solicitor, Essex) ~

Talking to you this morning has switched on a light inside me that’s been off for a while now. For a long time I haven’t felt this calm, thank you for reminding me, it means so much.

Your light shines very brightly Kim and it has a way of touching that’s beyond understanding I feel.


~ Alison Ford  (former NHS Development Coordinator) ~

I had a successful corporate career, leaving that to create and launch a national franchise in 2005. 

Recently I have felt stuck and a little nervous about some massive goals that I have set for myself. I knew that to achieve the goals, I needed to be even more visible and market myself as much as the business and that made me very self conscious. Kim’s work has had a transformative impact.

Kim’s mastery is her intuitive ability, she listens and lasers in on the root cause. This rare mix of intuition, great listening skills and a deep insight into what blocks I was experiencing was one of the key reasons that I loved working with Kim today. The new insights that I have are priceless and will be pivotal to the achievement of my massive goals, the growth of my business and ensure that I have even more freedom and flexibility.

If you are an executive woman at a crossroads in your career then I highly recommend that you schedule a session with Kim to get the clarity and insights you deserve before making any decisions.

~ Jacqueline Rogers  (Founder, Athena Network) ~

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